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          2. 道培醫療數據

            Hospital Service & Facilites

            Hospital Services & Facilities

            Lu Daopei Hospital has the International Center which provides personalized, culturally appropriate support from the initial correspondence until the day you return home. Our goal is to make it easy for patients to focus on getting better and feeling well.

            Hospital Services

            ·Medical Coordination·Languages·Travel Services·Life Services·Facilities·Restaurants·Shopping 

            ·Hotel sand Apartments·Other Facilities

            Medical Coordination 

            Lu Daopei Hospital International Center would like to provide streamlined access and individual support for our international patients. We will work with patients and families to streamline administrative requirements, coordinate the complex process of treatment and reduce worry and anxiety. 

            Medical Coordination Services Include:

            ·Medical Consultation service to provide patients with a free specialist “Evaluation Report” on treatment after review of appropriate records

            ·Offer cost estimation for the treatment plan.

            ·Help patients understand your treatment plan and coordinate doctors to follow up your progress

            ·Language support

            ·Medical reports collection and preparation

            ·Timely patient email and correspondence

            ·Offer invitation letter and other documentsmedical/ un medicalyou need

            ·Assist to schedule appointments

            ·Assist to do registration

            ·Tele medical consultation for your healthy condition

            ·Follow-ups with clinical and administrative staff

            Languages assistance

            Lu Daopei  Hospital recognizes that the communication between medical team and patients has a significant effect on patient care.Therefore, we provide free English language assistance for the patients whose preferred language is not Chinese-Mandarin as well as other languages upon special request, and subject to availability

            Remark: Service hours: 800a.m-4:30p.m. Out of service hours, on-call interpreters are available for emergencies. 

            Travel Services

            ·Hotel Reservation·Airport reception and transport service to the hospital24-hours in advance booking

            ·Local tour services·Complimentary visa extension assistance services

            Remark: For more detail,please contact our international center

            Life assistance

            ·Apartment rental·Provide life information·Other things you request in your life

            Remark: For more detail,please contact our international center


            The hospital campus offers restaurants,supermarkets,malls,and other services for your convenience. 


            There are several dining facilities in our hospital campus and various restaurants nearby,including Chinese,Korean,Japanese,fast food and Halal-certified dining facilities.  

            Arrange of dining options is available for our guests on various food supplying mobile apps,which will deliver directly to you with a simple click on your phone! 


            Near our hospital campus, arange of shops,supermarkets and malls are available for your convenience. You can also experience the fabulous shopping one-commerce such as JD.com, Amazon.cn, as well as Alibaba’s Taobao.com.

            Hotels and Apartments near Lu Daopei Hospital

            We provide a convenient way to support our patients and their families in booking hotels and renting apartments. 

            Other facilities

            Near our hospital campus,a full range of facilities are available for your convenience,including banks,laundry shops,etc.

            Please feel free to contact us for more information. 

            International Center Contact:


            Email: international_center@ludaopei.com


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